Nostr.Band Relay

Nostr.Band provides a relay wss:// with several valuable features:

  • Access to the full index of events from all known relays, filtered with our spam filter and trust rank metric
  • NIP-50 support for search, used by Snort, Iris, Amethyst and other clients
  • NIP-45 support of the COUNT verb that allows you to get follower/like/repost/etc counts

If you're a regular Nostr user, consider adding our relay to get a better coverage in your global feed without having to add multiple public relays.

If you're an app developer, consider using our relay for things like search (notes and profiles), to get the latest kind:0 or kind:3 events for a pubkey, or for accurate event counts.

Our spam filter is very crude and might behave in unexpected ways. Please try wss:// to get access to our full index of events without filtering. Specifically, full follower counts can only be retrieved from this sub-relay, although keep in mind that 90% of followers of popular accounts are bots/spam.

The relay is free for now, until the nostr ecosystem figures out how to integrate LN payments at the protocol level to compensate relays.

To discuss this, contact on Nostr.